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Turn to United Cleaning Contractors, Inc. for comprehensive janitorial services. We maintain a high standard for your business.
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Allow your windows to sparkle when you let the professionals at Asbury Park Window Cleaning hand wash your windows. Contact us for more information about other cleaning services available for your home.
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Established in 1925

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United Cleaning Contractors, Inc. is a local cleaning company in Asbury Park, New Jersey, that provides janitorial services to businesses and homes throughout the area. We have but one product to sell... a janitorial and maintenance "service" geared to your own organization's particular needs and special requirements. In addition, you can be assured that all work will be performed on schedule. We feel the service we provide will meet with your approval.
In the 90 years that we have been in business, we have always adhered to the policy of maintaining complete customer confidence and satisfaction. We are proud of our past and present performance and would like to make you part of our program. A list of references is included with all proposals.
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We also operate under the trade name of Asbury Park Window Cleaning Company, a division that specializes in commercial and residential window-cleaning services.
Contact us to request a free estimate for our janitorial services so you can maintain a professional-looking business year-round.